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    Desktop Gold Reinstall Current Member

    Gold Desktop is an All-in-One platform that allowed users to perform multiple tasks. For example; sending and receiving emails, browsing the internet, playing games, and accessing other online services. The software comes with premium security features to keep the User experience safe and protect their information. However, there are times when the user may need to uninstall the software and perform the re-installation. In this guide, we are going to share easy steps to go for Gold desktop reinstall current members. So, if you are current members user but you have uninstalled the software due to some reason, you can proceed with the instructions provided to reinstall it. Once you have re-installed the software, you can continue using its services without trouble.

    Why do users need the  Desktop Gold Reinstall Current Members?

    There can be multiple instances in which users may require Desktop Gold Reinstall Current Member. For example; if you have reset your computer recently, you may have lost the installed apps. Therefore, you can proceed further for an desktop gold download on your device to continue using its services.

    What are the steps to reinstall Desktop Gold?

    It is quite simple to proceed with the Desktop Gold download existing account process. Below we have shared some easy instructions to complete the re-installation process on your Windows and Mac device.

    For instance, If you are using the Windows  operating system, you must have at least 512 MB of storage space on it to download the software. Here are the basic system requirements to get an Desktop Gold download on your device.

    • Minimum 1GB RAM space.

    • Stable and active internet connection.

    • Updated web browser.

    • Minimum 266 MHz processor or better.

    • 1024 x768 screen resolution or better.

    • Minimum 512 MP Hard Drive storage space.

    reinstall Desktop Gold

    Easy instructions to reinstall Desktop Gold

    In case you have formatted your system and lost the installer file, you can proceed with the steps below for Desktop Gold re-install current member process.

    If you have Desktop Gold advantage plan membership

    Do you have the advantage plan membership? Well! If yes, then you can easily get the  desktop gold for your device as it is a part of your membership. You do not need to pay any extra charges for the Re-installation of software.

    Although, before you proceed with the re-installation process you may need to download the installer file on your device. Here is how you can get desktop gold download on your system with an advantage membership plan.

    • Visit the AOL official website.

    • Login to the Desktop Gold account.

    • Go to the “My Benefit” section.

    • Choose the “All Product” option.

    • Click on the “desktop gold”.

    • Hit the “Download Now” button.

    • Save the installer file on your device.

    Desktop Gold advantage plan membership

    If you are a Desktop Gold trial user

    You can also use the desktop gold services for a trial period. If you have signed up for the trial, the following steps can help you to download the software on your device. All you need is to check and make sure that your trial still has an expiration.

    Desktop Gold trial user
    • Open any web browser on your system.

    • Visit the AOL official website.

    • Sign in to your email account.

    • Go to the ” My Account” section.

    • Choose ” My Services”.

    • Select the ” Subscription” option.

    • Look for the desktop gold option.

    • Hit the ” Get Started” button.

    • Proceed with onscreen instructions showing up on your screen.

    If you have an Desktop Gold subscription.

    In case you have the AOL desktop gold subscription, the following steps can help you with Desktop gold install download on your device.

    • Open the web browser on your computer.

    • Visit the AOL official website.

    • Go to the ” My Account” section.

    • Choose the ” My Services” option.

    • Click on Subscriptions.

    • Find AOL desktop gold.

    • Hit the “Get Started” button.

    Desktop Gold subscription

    Download Desktop Gold with the confirmation link.

    If you have received the AOL desktop gold download link on the email for a signup confirmation, you can simply click on the link from the inbox. Here are the steps you are supposed to follow.

    • Visit the AOL official website.

    • Click the “Login” button.

    • Prove the email account login credentials.

    • Sign in to your AOL account.

    • Check your inbox and find the mail that states ” get started with AOL desktop gold”.

    • Once you have found the Email, click on it.

    • Find a link for Desktop Gold install download and click it.

    • Open the folder where you would like to save the file.

    • Hit the Save button.

    • Proceed with onscreen guidelines to complete the task.

    Desktop Gold with the confirmation link

    These are some easy instructions that can help you with desktop gold re-install current member process. Make sure that you follow each and every guideline carefully to avoid any technical hassle in between the process. In case, you are unable to download the software on your own, do not hesitate to contact the experts and get some advice.

    If you already have an installation file, you can simply click on it and proceed with the setup. Before you proceed with  AOL desktop gold re-install current member on a Windows computer, check the internet connection, and also remove the conflicting programs from your device, if any.

    • Connect your computer to the internet.
    • Go to the file explorer.
    • Open the download folder.
    • Navigate the AOL desktop gold file.
    • Double click on the install file.
    • You need to click on the Yes button on the “user account control” window.
    • Hit the install now button.
    • Proceed with onscreen instructions.
    • Once the installation process gets completed, click on the close button.
    • Restart your computer.

    Here are the complete guidelines on desktop gold re-install current member for Mac computers.

    • First of all, connect your Macbook to the internet.
    • Move to the dock.
    • Open the Finder.
    • Hit the Download button.
    • If the AOL desktop gold installer is stored in any location, you have to visit that location.
    • Look for the AOL desktop gold installer file.
    • Double click on the file and run it.
    • When the prompt appears on your screen, you need to provide the password for your Mac system.
    • Hit the  “Install Now” button.
    • Proceed with the on-screen guidelines.
    • Let the installation process gets completed.
    • Restart your Mac device, and you are all set to use the AOL services.

    Unable to install Desktop Gold? Check for the following points:

    You cannot complete the AOL desktop gold existing account installation on your device if your device does not meet the minimum system requirements. Therefore, check and make sure that your system meets the minimum requirement to download the software.

    It is important to have an active and stable internet connection to download the software. If your internet is not working fine you can simply restart the router and reconnect the device.

    If you do not restart your system very often, your have not restarted it recently, you may find trouble downloading the software. Restarting the system helps to clear the RAM memory which often causes trouble for the users.

    if you have successfully downloaded the software, but having trouble using it, then make sure that you update it. Although, AOL automatically updates to the latest version to fix the security issues and bugs. The active members and subscribers can easily download the updates.

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